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LEED Bin is an American manufacturer of metal clothing donation bins with a concentrated focus on delivering quality products with customizable designs. Metal clothing donation bins are any receptacle or container located in a permanent installation designed to receive and securely store items like donated or recycled clothing before pickup by an organization. Metal clothing donation bins from LEED Bin are specifically designed to offer customers long-lasting storage of donated items no matter the environment or installation location. In addition, custom metal clothing donation bins from LEED Bin include optional anti-theft designs that separate our American-made bins from the competition. With widely applicable standard designs, customizable options, and high-quality construction LEED Bin should be the manufacturer you choose for your next purchase of metal clothing donation bins.

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Durable & Weather Resistant Metal Clothing Donation Bins

Metal clothing donation bins from LEED Bin can be installed anywhere without customers worrying about their long-term security or weather resistance. Not only that, but LEED Bin products will outlast the competition even in the harshest of environments including salt-spray areas, seasonal changes, and high-velocity winds. This is all made possible through the below features that enhance the integrity and durability of our metal clothing donation bins.

  • Robust Bolts: All metal clothing donation bins are securely fastened to concrete pads or other suitable surfaces with robust bolts. When properly installed, these bolts will help the bin withstand inclement weather, severe wind events, and in some cases natural disasters. Customers who choose LEED Bin for their metal clothing donation bin projects can trust that once they install the product, it will remain in place for years.
  • Stainless Steel Components: As the vast majority of installations for this product are outside locations, offering weather-resistant hinges was crucial to the long-term effectiveness of metal clothing donation bins. LEED Bin products include hinges fabricated from high-quality stainless steel that will not rust or swell after consistent exposure to moisture.
  • Galvanneal Steel Construction: Galvanneal steel is previously galvanized steel that undergoes a secondary treatment process to further enhance strength. After the initial galvanizing, the steel is heated in an annealing oven to draw iron to the outermost layer of the steel sheet and create a zinc-iron alloy. As a result, LEED Bin metal clothing donation bins made from galvanneal steel do not rust and offer exceptional durability.

Metal Clothing Donation Bins with Anti-Theft Chutes

Theft is an unfortunate reality for many organizations purchasing metal clothing donation bins, especially for installations in high-crime areas. While the theft risk may be higher for other donated items like personal items or package deliveries, anti-theft chutes are worth consideration for clothing donations.

Thankfully, the optional anti-theft chutes add-on from LEED Bin can help counteract loss due to theft and protect donated items between scheduled pickup times. For $200.00 per bin, anti-theft chutes are constructed to allow for easy transfer of donated items to the secure storage location while preventing any unauthorized access. Even the most determined thieves are incapable of accessing and retrieving recycled clothing or donated items from the secure storage location within the donation bin.

Finding The Correct Metal Clothing Donation Bin Manufacturer

As an American manufacturer, LEED Bin can offer customers incredible benefits without dramatically increasing costs or lead times. We are confident that the below benefits and features make our metal clothing donation bins perfect for all customers no matter their deadlines, project goals, or budgets.

  • High-Quality Materials: LEED Bin uses high-quality galvanneal steel and stainless steel to manufacture custom metal clothing donation bins. These materials offer impressive durability, strength, anti-theft protection, and corrosion or rust resistance from prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • American-Made: All metal clothing donation bins are manufactured at our facility in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, just outside of Erie. Every facet of production is managed using local suppliers making initial production and sourcing replacement parts easier than ever for our customers. Not to mention the fast and easy access to our customer service professionals who can guide you through the entire purchasing process.
  • Expedited Turnaround Times: Stop waiting months for overseas shipments to arrive and delay the installation of your metal clothing donation bins by ordering from an American manufacturer. Our skilled team can deliver custom bins in as little as one week from finalizing your order!
  • Competitive Prices: We are confident that our prices and quality products are the best on the market. Custom metal clothing donation bins start at $1,665.00 each with optional anti-theft chutes (+$200.00) and bolt-together kits (+$40.00). Additionally, all bin orders of 15 units or more receive a 5% discount.

LEED Bin American-Made Metal Clothing Donation Bins

LEED Bin metal clothing donation bins for clothing contribution or garment recycling are the durable and competitively priced products the markets have demanded. With lead times as little as one week from final order to delivery, your business or organization can have donation campaigns up and running in no time. With features like galvanneal steel construction, stainless steel hinges, optional anti-theft chutes, and customizable options these bins provide secure protection for donated clothing in an aesthetically pleasing yet secure design. Please visit our custom collection bins page for more information or follow the contact link below to get started on your next project today.

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