Donation Bin Manufacturer

Donation Bin Manufacturer

At LEED Bin we are a trusted American manufacturer of donation bins. Our bins are built to last, with materials that resist corrosion and can handle the elements when placed in outdoor environments. We can manufacture standard and custom charity bins and get them delivered to your organization rapidly. As a US-based collection bin manufacturer, we control our production process and do not need to rely on overseas shipments to get customers’ orders fulfilled on time. If you want to offer donors a seamless and secure way to donate clothing and more, order from a trust donation bin manufacturer today.

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Safely Leave LEED Bin Donation Bins Outdoors Without Fear of Rust

People who love to give love giving with ease. Our donation bins are bult to withstand the elements and feature rust resistant stainless steel hinges. This means you can allow those seeking to donate clothing the ability to do so without having to come inside. In addition to our bins’ hinges being corrosion resistant and reliable, the material that the remainder of these bins are made from is corrosion resistant galvanized steel. This means that not only will your bins function well even in inclement weather, but that they will last for years.


Buy Standard or Custom Donation Bins

Sometimes a bin in a standard style and size is ideal for charitable giving. However, depending on what types of donations you are accepting and if your organization has a particular style you want to present it in, a custom option can be a better fit. 

Before considering a custom bin order, it may be helpful to learn about our standard product. By default, our American made donation bins have dimensions of 4’ x 4’. Additionally, our bins come in a variety of standard colors for you to choose from ranging from vibrant shades to colors with a simpler appearance. If you have a unique size need, we can easily make custom bins. We can also make your donation bin(s) in a custom color that will match your brand colors or perhaps the building where they will be placed. If you think a custom solution will be the best fit for your organization, reach out to us to discuss your needs.


Concerned About Theft? Our Donation Bins Can Include an Anti-Theft Chute

Size and color are not the only options you have when you make us your donation bin manufacturer. Another option to consider is related to securing the donated goods you are collecting. While the idea of stealing from a charity is unthinkable to any decent person, the reality is that no organization is immune to theft. This includes the theft of donated clothing. 

If theft is a concern of yours, we have a solution. You can order donation bins with a helpful anti-theft chute. This design is optional as some bins are not at risk of being broken into. However, for a minimal additional cost, you can order either standard or custom bins that are designed to prevent theft and ensure every article of donated clothing you receive can reach the person in need who it is intended for. If you are curious about how this anti-theft chute works and if it might be ideal for your bin’s intended use, feel free to contact us to start a conversation.

Order Donation Bins from a Pennsylvania Based Manufacturer

When you order charity collection bins from LEED Bin, you are doing more than buying durable steel bins. You are also supporting a manufacturing company in Pennsylvania. Whether you are based in the Erie, PA area or somewhere else, your purchase from LEED Bin will be supporting a US based donation bin manufacturer with a longstanding reputation for excellent service and manufacturing quality.


Buy Donation Bins Online or Call for Custom Needs

Our website is easy to navigate, and our online ordering steps take just seconds to complete. This means you can place your order for a charitable bin or bins in minutes with the expectation that your clothing donation containers will be delivered within days, not months. 

If you have a custom need or wish to discuss your options in depth before ordering, contact the LEED Bin team for an informative talk with one of our helpful team members.

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