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LEED Bin Manufacturing has the perfect customizable package drop boxes. As you can learn from this page and by exploring our website, our bins are easy to order and can be seamlessly customized to meet your needs and match your style preferences. If you are an organization that needs to collect donated clothing or textiles or a municipality looking for durable recycling bins, our drop boxes are a great solution. Below, we will highlight some of the key features of these bins and the ways you can customize your order. With a wide range of standard styles and easy to request customizations, we are confident that you will have no trouble ordering the perfect American made drop box here.

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Customize a Drop Box to Match Your Organization’s Style or Fit Its Location

You do not need to be the non-profit or recycling organization with plain and boring drop boxes. Instead, you can customize your drop box(es) with a paint color that perfectly suits your organization or the building where it will be placed. When placing your order, you can choose between ten vibrant colors. In addition to these ten standard color options, you can reach out to order a drop box in a custom color. As you read further, you can discover additional ways you can customize your order.


Colors Are Only One Way to Customize Your Drop-Off Box(es)

The standard size for LEED Bin drop boxes is 4’ x 4’. However, if you believe the 4’ x 4’ dimensions will not be large enough or will not fit where you plan to place it, contact us to discuss a custom sized solution. Our customizable package drop boxes are manufactured in Pennsylvania. Manufacturing in PA allows us to quickly produce a custom drop box. It also means we can oversee the manufacturing process to ensure your custom drop box comes out looking and functioning exactly as intended.

Consider Safety Proofing Your Drop Box to Avoid Theft

Beyond customizable styles, there is also an anti-theft chute you can consider including as part of your drop box’s design. If you plan to have your drop-off area outside in an area that is unprotected from entry, security may be a natural concern. To avoid theft of recycled or donated clothing and textiles, be sure to order your bin with our optional chute securing design. Our goal is to help buyers protect the goods they are accepting as donations or recyclables and including an optional anti-theft chute goes a long way in accomplishing this.


Your Source for Corrosion Resistant and Weatherproof Drop Boxes

Regardless of whether you decide to include an anti-theft chute, our drop boxes will keep their contents safe from the elements. We manufacture our bins with corrosion resistant galvannealed steel. Galvanneal provides our binds with protective coating needed to serve as a lasting drop box solution. This applies when the bin is going to be placed indoors or outdoors. When you order from us, you can do so knowing that your drop box will easily withstand contact with snow, rain, and wind as well as continue to look great with frequent sun exposure.

Their ability to resist corrosion means our American made drop boxes can be placed outside somewhere that donors or recyclers can easily drive or walk to day or night. However, if you plan to place your drop box(s) outdoors and offer 24/7 drop-offs, we suggest you consider the previously mentioned anti-theft chute option for maximum security.

Ordering Your Custom Bins Online Is Simple

Something we pride ourselves on is how simple our ordering process is. While you are on our site, you can seamlessly choose the color and quantity of customizable package drop boxes you need. You can also choose whether to include the anti-theft chute that we mentioned above. Lastly, if you plan to combine multiple drop boxes, you can include a bolt-together kit with your order. These kits make it easy to securely connect two or more bins together.

You can also contact LEED Bin Manufacturing to discuss options and place an order with additional customizations. We have experts on staff who will be glad to talk to you to understand your needs and help you plan your customer order.

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